Page In order to use the TX Stamp function, optional stamp unit must be installed. Scan data can be sent as an e-mail attachment simply by specifying the e-mail address. Scan Settings screen, be sure to press [Original Direction] and [Binding Position] in the Original Settings screen, and select the appropriate settings for the loaded document. The maximum power of the laser diode is 7 mW and the wavelength is nm. Transmitting with the background color adjusted Page Page – Scanning the documents to be sent Page Page – Sending documents with a command from th

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develop ineo 283 The following procedure describes how to clear staple jams that have occurred in develop ineo 283 stitcher Develop ineo 283 Settings must be specified in Administrator mode in order to automatically save jobs in the Fax Retransmit User Box. Page Page Page – Adding cover pages while copying Page Page – Binding with staples and punching holes Open, then close the door indicated by the number in the touch panel screen. In develop ineo 283 to the Citrix Technology Member Develop GmbH is a Citrix Technology Member The Citrix Technology Member is a program that, in combination with a solution of Citrix, promotes and develops solutions in order to be an industry leader in providing customers with better solutions.

Replacing Consumables Toner bottle Staple cartridge When the toner is about to run out, the following message appears If it is replaceable by the user.

For details on registering destinations, refer to page of this manual. Select a document and press [Save to User Box]. If the staple cartridge is removed before the message is displayed, it will result in a failure.

Saving a document stored in a mobile inek to develop ineo 283 User Box Select the destination, and then send the data. Replacing The Staple Cartridge finisher Fs When replacing the staple cartridge, be sure to check that the message is displayed.

Develop ineo+ 220 Quick Manual

This user box can be registered only when a hard disk is installed. The following procedure describes how to clear staple jams that have occurred in develop ineo 283 FS However, [Start Guidance] is not displayed in the animation for placing an original.

Dette en halvleder laser. Saving a scanned document to external memory Connect external memory to this machine, and press [Save a document to external memory.

This function is available only when develop ineo 283 hard disk is installed. System Settings The display language of the touch panel, the measurement ine and settings for the power-saving modes can be changed. The following procedure describes how to empty the punch scrap box for the finisher FS Dust that accumulates be- tween the plug terminals may cause a fire.

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The Staple settings are available develop ineo 283 if the optional finisher is installed. For details on how to configure scan or original settings when saving a document, refer to chapter 6 in the [User’s Guide Box Operations]. Page Select this setting for documents consisting only of photos. The Staple settings are available only develop ineo 283 the optional finisher is installed.

For develop ineo 283 on how to clear a staple jam in the saddle stitcher SD, develop ineo 283 to page of this manual. Position the document and the paper. I-option Lk searchable Pdfs End User License Agreement This license shall automatically terminate upon a failure on your part to comply with any term or condition of this Agreement, in which case you agree to immediately stop use of the Program.

Regulation Notices Since radiation emitted by the laser is completely confined within protective housing, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any phase of user operation.


Using My Tab, you can change the settings of the frequently used functions on one screen. Page Use paper with the same size for the cover pages and for the main body of the document, and load them in the develop ineo 283 trays in the same orientation. Saving a document stored in external memory to a User Box Reference The save function is available develop ineo 283 when a hard devleop is installed.

Immediately turn OFF the pow- er switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your authorized service representative. When printer fonts are used, the printing time is reduced, but there may be a devrlop between the displayed document and the print result.

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The administrator can set the position for printing the transmission source information on the outside or inside of the document or it can deveolp set to not be printed. For details, refer to page of this manual. Keyboard holder KH Install this kit to use a compact keyboard.

Failure to observe this precaution could result in a fire or electrical shock. Table Of Contents Reducing paper use while copying As a default, the machine is in Copy mode. Selecting File Type And Color Settings The Color settings are available when saving scan documents in user boxes, when sending data by e-mail or when transmitting data on a develop ineo 283. When copying using paper for cover pages that is different from the paper of develop ineo 283 main body of the document, instead of developp the cover pages and document separately, the entire document can be printed at the same time using the different types of paper.

Page This feature sets the machine to Sleep mode at the specified time. Page 68 develop ineo 283 Replacing the staple cartridge Finisher Transmitting With The Background Color Adjusted Background Removal When the print on the back side may be reproduced on the front side of the copy or when the original background is colored, you can adjust the background density to output clear scan data.

Develop ineo 283 number of punched holes differ depending on the country region where the unit is installed.

Using this function, each user can ijeo the control panel or address book customized in the same way in any MFP, which is linked to develop ineo 283. Because they require a USB connection, they support driverless printing only from Mac computers. Page Useful fax operations