Samsung and Xerox printers, and if needed other brands. I hope someone can help me. Ok thank you for the explanation, I understand that it won’t work for those who have v34 if they remove the chip. Run the program through a file “f I have installed the file for my ML and it’s working perfectly fine. This was added to increase product security.

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Reset for Samsung ML-1660

I bought here 34v and my printer work perfectly. In the test print i cant Find which Version of this printer s. Got it to print again after refill for details, see my earlier post. Its primary goal is uncompromising quality.

Ok thank you for the explanation, I understand that it won’t work for those who have v34 if they remove the chip. I think now a better purchease would have been a replacement toner and fuser for my old ml printer,but now it too late I still have some doubts assasin, once I remove the chip, isn’t the printer supposed to detect it and being unable to print anything?

So here it is When the light turns solid red or shortly afterwardthe printer will stop printing until samsung ml 2245 printer A install reset software in the printer, B install a reset chip on the toner cartridge, C replace the cartridge with a new one.

Then release the button and the configuration page will print. When i run the programm, the ‘. If Samsung want you scammed samsung ml 2245 printer is samsung ml 2245 printer too bad. I have a slew of questions if you don’t mind. A firmware fix also prevents this type of problem.

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Yes, that will allow more toner to be transferred from the samzung roller to the drum but you might start getting background all over your document if it is adjusted too low. I samsung ml 2245 printer, but you could download a fix 1. Also these machines should not be on the same circuit as coffee makers, space heaters, or other large devices like copiers.

If your samsung ml 2245 printer have very samsung ml 2245 printer print on them, you’ll use the toner slower than Samsung anticipated and you will get many more pages than Samsung said you would get.

D Sry for my english: After completing the firmware in minutes will restart the printer. I used this technology before.

TonerKits lists all the fixes for a particular model on one listing page. The best scenario for installing a firmware fix is when it is done to a brand new printer when it is all working properly. Does it mean that the reset i working?

Is there a solution to this? We still have not reached samsung ml 2245 printer end of the counter, that’s why we were misled with this solution. I strongly recommend that it NOT be downloaded into your printer. If you see a post with something like “What’s the intrest rate’.

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Please sign in to comment. I refilled toner and still not printing.

Make sure that it is not on a power strip with multiple devices and never plug it into a UPS or battery backup. Just wanted to share my experience to help others. Only when it will be? Usually, the chip is removed or taped at the same time the patch is downloaded into the samsung ml 2245 printer.

samsung ml 2245 printer Hi, I bought the ML and I tried to run the reset firmware. Read this link use google translator http: Which is the password? Search with this keyword: Reset the printer firmware http: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The instructions are in Samsuhg and Google Translate only does a fair job.

The onother counter, the one in the cip of cartridge will reset after each restart bcz there will be no more cip, u have to dash it away.

Without any fix firmware? Drag and drop the newly renamed.

Driver: gutenprint | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

If your pages have a lot of print on them, you’ll use up the toner faster than Samsung anticipated and you will not get the full number of pages that Samsung said you would get.

And no more update from Samsung: The chip is called an eeprom. U have to reprogram the 93c66wp cip. E on Jul 12, at 5: Same here, not working on a v1. My printer works, but I won’t be able to apply the legitimate fix in the future.

Seal or remove the chip. I just patched samsung ml 2245 printer new firmware and samsung ml 2245 printer printer restarted I turned off the 2425 and took off the cartridge and put a tape on the chip.